Archer Family #1
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These are all Archer children. Their father is Willard H. Archer. L-R top row: Irma, Freda, Fred, Donna. Bottom row: Florence, Willard and Ruby.

Top row L-R: Irma Archer, ?, Ruby Archer, Willard Archer, Florence Archer, Robert Lee Passauer, Freda Archer-Passauer, Donna Archer-Mealey, Fred Archer?. Avalee Passauer is the third from the right on the bottom row beside the two boys. The father Willard H. Archer is holding the child and his wife, Sina Mariah Watson is to his left. The others must be the children of the couples.

From a paper copy left by my mother Doris Harrington. All Archer children of Willard H. Archer. Top row L-R: Irma, Willard, Florence, Freda. Bottom row: Ruby, dad Willard H. Passauer, Donna.

The Archer sisters. The father is Willard H. Archer. Donna, Freda, Irma, Florance, Ruby.

Archer Family #2