First Generation
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There are no known pictures of our first generation relative living in the United States.  This would have been John George Passauer, Senior who lived in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Not proven to be the John Passauer, the father of John George Passauer. This information is from the 1870 Ohio Census. See the Joseph Passauer 1870 Part 1 & 2 census images. According to the 1870 census, there is a John Passauer age 63 living with Joseph Passauer. According to his age, John would have been born in 1807. Is this the father of John George and the other brothers?  If this is, John George Passauer would have been born when this John was 21 years old. This is possible! The census also states that John was "Infirm," that both his mother and dad were foreign born and that he was not an American citizen in 1870. 

During the 1880 Cincinnati, OH census, John was still living with Joseph Passauer and was stated to be 77 years old. This would have him born in 1803 not 1807. This would have made John 25 years old when they had John George Passauer. Still possible!

John is buried at the Vine St. Hill Cemetery, Cincinnati, OH, Sec.12, Lot Gr. 935. Birth and death dates are from the cemetery information. According to the cemetery records, John died on 4-21-1884 at age 80. This would have him born in 1804.

From the Hamilton, Co. Court House records:
Death, John Passauer, male, white, widower, 80yrs. DOD 4/28/1884, born in Germany, #1884/436 pg 150.