Generation No. 3
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Generation No. 3

4. JOHN GEORGE3 PASSAUER, JR. (JOHN GEORGE2, JOHN1) was born May 13, 1855 in Cincinnati, OH, and died January 20, 1924 in At home, Tionesta, Forrest Co, PA (Source: Obituary.). He married EMELINE SACKETTER June 13, 1878 in Lickingville, PA, daughter of JOHN SACKETER and MARGARET MERCHANT. She was born January 02, 1861 in Kaylor, PA, and died April 23, 1929 in Tionesta, PA.


Occupation: Farmer

From Norma Passauer's family bible: John George Passauer's middle name is "Washington."


From: The St. Lukes Evang. Lutheran & Reform Church (1844-1928) church records:

Confirmation (When he joined the church)

17 Jan 1875 (page 16)

By: Pastor F. E. Fickeissen

Child Parents Born

Bossouer, Johann Joh. Bosseuer (Deceased) 13 May 1855 (Passauer)

Note by W. L. Passauer: This is obviously John George Passauer as his father John George Passauer was dead at this time.


Note: spelling is correct per the census record. According to the 1900 Census report for Forest Co., Roll # 1412, Sheet # 2, Enumeration District # 52; Passaur, John (age 45, born May 1855 in OH, works as a sawyort saw mill (Ed. note saws logs at a saw mill)) is the head of the household. He, his wife Emmaline (age 39, born Jan. 1861in PA), ..........TBD

From John Douglass Passauer - John was unusually tall for his day. John stood over six feet tall with black hair and blue eyes. He was a lumberman and farmer. The fact that he had sugar diabetes didn't stop him from having nine boys and four girls.

As told to Newton Passauer by his grandfather McWilliams to William Passauer - "I'll take this opportunity to share a story that my grandfather McWilliams told me about my grandfather John George Passauer(JG). JG was a large powerful man. A stone mason by trade. As a kid, I was shown a corner stone in a church near Tionesta that was about 51 X 21 X 11. When JG told his apprentice to give a hand to lift it in place, the apprentice refused. JG put it in place by himself. Another time he was trying to get a team of horses to pull a machine up into the second floor of the barn. They couldn't do it. He hit them both on the head with a 2 by 4 and killed them with a single blow. He then went and bought a team of oxen that did the job."

Told to William Passauer by Newton Passauer - "There were many stories around about your grandfather (Robert Lee) and his brothers. They were rather rowdy, ear biting eye gougers with bad tempers."

From John Douglass Passauer - There is a story about one of the brothers (unknown) being injured during hay season by a hired hand who cut him with a scythe. I recall my Grandfather referring to him angrily as a "nitwit.' I don't have any other details on this - which brother and whether he recovered.

From Crystel Passauer via her father Archie. John died from a scythe cut on the leg done by a crazy hired man. John had diabetes. There was no insulin then. Lived on a farm in Tionesta, Forest Co, PA. Was in the lumber business and a stone mason. A Louis Passauer visited us in the 1920s from Cleveland, OH. He was past 50 yrs. old then. He was believed to be a cousin of John George. Archie said we don't know if he lived in Cleveland, OH or was visiting there.

The following information is listed for the photograph of the 8 Passauer brothers found in the scrap book. Based upon ages of the boys with Arnold being the oldest and Archie being the baby, William L. Passauer has listed the following names on the photo. First, based upon the age of Archie, I believe the photo was taken in 1893. That would make the brothers from back to front, left to right as follows:

Benjamin 9 yrs.

Arnold 14 yrs.

Les 13 yrs.

Roy 4 years

Fred 11 yrs.

Earl 6 yrs

Archie 0 yrs.



Medical Information: Sugar diabetes.



Spelling of Sacketter is from son Earl's birth Certificate. Spelling of first name, Emeline, is from her grave marker.

Sometimes Emaline's last name is given as Mealy. This is incorrect. Emaline Sacketter's father died and her mother re-married a Mealy but she was not adopted.

There is some question about where she died: Armonstrong County or Tionesta, PA.

According to Newton Passauer - Emaline may have been three months pregnant when they got married.

According to James Passauer - Emaline was of Welch ancestry.

From John Douglass Passauer - Emaline was five feet five inches with auburn hair and gray eyes. She had heart trouble - a ruptured valve.

From Lynne Noel - From Aunt Helen's memory: Emaline Sacketer had Irish ancestors, I would guess probably her father's mom. Since he grandfather came from Wales. From Aunt Helen's & mother's (Marjorie) memory: Comstock & Cockran were in their mother's ancestry.



Cause of Death: Heart attack

Medical Information: A ruptured heart valve.



6. i. ARNOLD AUSTIN4 PASSAUER, b. February 05, 1879, Venus, PA, probably at home; d. 1943.

7. ii. LESLIE ALLISON PASSAUER, b. April 04, 1880, Venus, PA, probably at home; d. April 08, 1951, Kansas.

8. iii. JOHN FREDRICK PASSAUER, b. March 09, 1882, Forest CO., PA; d. Abt. October 10, 1966, Venus, PA, at home.

iv. BENJAMIN C. PASSAUER (Source: Grave Marker.), b. July 20, 1884; d. August 30, 1905, Kansas.


Spelling of name from Norma Passauer's family bible: Benjamin Franklin Passauer.

Accompanied Leslie to Oklahoma to work in the oil fields. He was killed on a well, at age 21, by a well cable that wrapped around his head and ripped it off.


Cause of Death: Lost his head by an oil well derrick wire in Kansas.

9. v. CHARLES ADDISON PASSAUER, b. March 18, 1885, Newmansville, PA, Clarion Co.; d. Abt. September 30, 1963, Titusville, PA, Titusville Hospital.

10. vi. EARL FRANCIS PASSAUER, b. July 24, 1887, At home, Tionesta Twp., Forest County, PA; d. December 27, 1962, Bashline Hospital, Grove City, Mercer County, PA.

11. vii. ROY ADDISON PASSAUER, b. December 20, 1889; d. 1956, Oil City Hospital, Oil City, Venango County, PA.

12. viii. JAMES ARCHIE PASSAUER, b. March 29, 1893; d. July 14, 1988.

13. ix. ROBERT LEE PASSAUER, b. June 04, 1895, Pinegrove Twp, Clarion Co., PA; d. February 23, 1973, Pinegrove Twp, Clarion Co., PA.

14. x. LILLIAN MAE PASSAUER, b. December 29, 1897, Tionesta Twp, Forest Co. PA; d. Abt. March 19, 1967, Brookville, PA, Memorial Home.

xi. BERNICE DELIGHT PASSAUER, b. February 20, 1900; d. February 11, 1920, RD#1 Tionesta, PA; m. WENDELL EDDINGER; d. 1988.


According to Crystel Passauer, Bernice is buried at Wolfes Corner, PA.



Burial: Buried at Wolfes Corner, PA.

Cause of Death: Pneumonia


xii. FOREST GLADEN PASSAUER, b. November 09, 1903; d. November 11, 1903, RD#1 Tionesta, PA.


Some question about the spelling of his name: Forest Gladen or Forrest Gladen?

Some question about spelling of his middle name: Gladen or Gladon?

According to Crystel Passauer, Forest is buried at Wolfes Corner, PA.

Died at two days old.

15. xiii. DEE RUEL PASSAUER, b. October 19, 1905; d. 1984.


5. JOSEPH LOUIS3 PASSAUER (JOSEPH2, JOHN1) was born May 24, 1876 in Cincinnati, OH, and died April 28, 1941 in At his residence, Cincinnati, OH. He married JULIA JOHANNES 1899. She was born January 02, 1878 in Cincinnati, OH, and died June 14, 1965 in Ohio.


Name and birth information from the Cincinnati, OH 1880 census of father Joseph Passauer.

Joseph, the son of Joseph and Margaret Passauer is found again in the Cincinnati, OH 1900 census as head of the house at age 24. He has been married only one year. His occupation in 1900 was as a bar tender.

Joseph is again found in the Cincinnati, OH census of 1910. Joseph is still a bar tender. They are renting their home. Their sons are still living at home.

Joseph is again found in the Cincinnati, OH census of 1920. Joseph is now a salesman of retail notions. They are still renting their home. Their sons are still living at home.

Buried at the Vine St. Hill Cemetery, Cincinnati, OH, Sec.13, Lot Gr. 576A. Birth and death dates from cemetery information.

Obituary from the Times Star, Apr. 29, 1941: "Passauer--Joseph L., beloved husband of Julia Johannes Passauer and devoted father of Joseph L. Jr. and Harry Passauer in his 65th year, Monday, April 28, 1941, at his residence, 5045 Marion Ave. Norwood. Friends may call Wednesday at the Whiting Funeral Home, 3900 Montgomery Rd., where services will be held Thursday at 10:30 A.M.

Norwood is a community of Cincinnati, OH.



According to the Cincinnati, OH, 1900 census for her husband Joseph Passauer Julia's parents were born in Germany.

Buried at the Vine St. Hill Cemetery, Cincinnati, OH, Sec.13, Lot Gr. 575A. Birth and death dates from cemetery information.

Obituary from the June 15, 1965 Enquirer newspaper: "PASSAUER--Julia (nee Johannas), wife of the late Joseph L. Passauer, devoted mother of Joseph and the late Harry Passauer, Monday, June 14, 1965; formerly of Marion Ave. Norwood. Services, Wednesday, June 16, at the convenience of the family. Vorhis Funeral Home, Norwood, in charge. No visitation.



i. JOSEPH LOUIS4 PASSAUER, JR., b. December 02, 1899, Cincinnati, Ohio.


From the Hamilton, Co., OH Court House records.

Birth, Joseph Louis Passauer, male, white, Father: Joseph (born in Cincinnati, occupation: bartender), mother: Julia Johannes (born in Cincinnati), DOB 12/2/1899, #1899/5645 pg 129.

See also, name and birth information in the Cincinnati, OH 1900 census of father Joseph Passauer.

ii. HARRY G. PASSAUER, b. Bet. 1908 - 1909, Ohio; d. Bet. 1941 - 1965.


Name and birth information from the Cincinnati, OH 1910 census of father Joseph Passauer. Death information from father and mother's obituaries.