The Robert Lee Passauer Family

1918. Freda Archer in the upper left corner with Robert Lee Passauer in his World War 1 uniform. William L. Passauer had this uniform in 2000.

Robert Lee Passauer, 1925

Robert Lee Passauer, 1925

Belief this was taken just before enlisting in the Army in 1918 to fight in the 1st World War.

Age 23. Information from the back side of the post card photograph. 1st World War picture. In the year 2000, William L. Passauer had most of this uniform.

Robert Lee's obituary states he was born on June 4, 1895 while the 1900 census has him born June 5, 1895.

Fought in the 1st World War in France. Was gassed.

1949. Willard Passauer wanted a picture of his mother very badly. They argued over it but she had it done. She died of heart not long after the picture was taken.

Freda's mother died when Freda was 8 years old.

Freda, her mother and sister Irma all had a son die at age 13.

From William Lee Passauer: My grandmother Freda died in bed while Robert Lee Passauer was down stairs taking a shower. He found her when came back to the bed room. My father received the call from his dad early one morning before I got out of bed to go to school.

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Richard Gordon Passauer. Taken before his death in Oct. 1941.

Killed age 13 bicycle accident.


Raymond Passauer 
(I do not have a picture of Raymond)